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Our Products



The Sweat-Stop line is an innovative line of antiperspirants containing varying strengths of aluminum chloride that effectively reduce perspiration. The products are available in unique formats including a roll-ons as well as sprays and lotions to suit the needs of every user. 


No one is proud of it but many people do it: Nail Biting!

Research shows that 26% of the population bite their nails.

There are enough reasons not to do it. It looks untidy and is extremely unhygienic. Did you know that your hands are often dirtier than a toilet bowl? So it’s high time to give up nail biting with Raylex!


The recovery period following a surgical procedure must never be overlooked. Supportive care products need to be effective and comfortable for patient and caregiver alike. The extensive CareFix™ product range from TYTEX meets all of these needs.

The CareFix™ product range is based on the key values of comfort, functionality, and ease-of-use. The product range comprises medical textiles within the four segments of wound care, ostomy care, urology care and breast care. The products are available through select retailers and Alto directly. Visit our shop to purchase on-line or by phone.


Restoranail™ is a novel polymer based product indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate onychomycosis (nail fungus) as well as nail dystrophy (dry, brittle nails). When applied to the nail it forms a uniform film on the nail to provide a flexible, waterproof and breathable barrier.  This barrier inhibits the growth of the dermatophytes responsible for nail fungus.  Nail polish can be applied over Restoranail.  

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