We won’t beat about the bush. If you want to stop biting your nails, this is best achieved with a rap on the fingers... or in this case with a “lick of the fingers”.


Raylex® has the bitter taste of grapefruit peel. Raylex® contains a unique combination of citrus peel extract and denatonium. Denatonium has the honour of being mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records as the bitterest substance on earth: ideal to help you kick the habit of nail biting.

  • How does the Raylex Pen Work?

    Raylex® uses advanced technology. It does not coat your nail, but penetrates into the nail itself. This has several advantages:

    Encourages nail growth

    In order to help your nails grow back, Raylex® contains biotin, better known as vitamin H or vitamin B8. This vitamin encourages nail growth. So you not only stop biting your nails, but they also grow back long and healthy more quickly.

    Non-glossy: for him and her

    Raylex® penetrates into your nail and does not leave a coat on top. It is both more effective and means you do not have a shiny coat on your nails.

    Acceptable quantity of bitter taste

    Raylex® has been designed to give off an acceptable amount of bitterness and is thus less unpleasant than other anti-nail biting products.

    Easy to apply

    Each Raylex® packaging contains a handy pen which allow you to treat small surfaces very accurately. Apply it to the edge of the nail (or the side of the nail if you bite this area often), not to the entire nail.

    Quick and visible results

    Research among Raylex® users (source: Ipsos study 2013) has shown that 91% no longer bite their nails after 1 week. We recommend using Raylex® for at least 18 days. Psychology teaches us that the longer you resist a bad habit, the more chance there is to get rid of it. You can therefore carry on with the treatment for more than 18 days. If you follow the instructions for use properly and combine it with the free downloadable app for your smartphone, you will have the best chance of permanently giving up the habit.