Alto Pharma: Providing Unique Healthcare Solutions

About Alto Pharma

Alto Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company that is proudly Canadian owned.  We are focused on acquiring the rights to unique products for the Canadian market through acquisition as well as through licensing and distribution agreements. Alto can effectively and efficiently assume all regulatory, manufacturing, distribution and commercialization responsibilities in an efficient manner, thereby ensuring the timely launch and continued availability of quality products.

Alto's current product line includes Restoranail, (for nail dystrophy and nail fungus), Raylex (to stop nail biting), Sweat Stop (for excessive sweating) and Careful (support garments for post surgical care).

Discover Raylex®. The #1 solution for nail biters in Europe is NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA!

You don’t just stop biting your nails on your own. Raylex® offers you the solution using the Raylex® pen and the free to download Raylex® app.

The Carefix product range is based on the key values of comfort, functionality and ease-of-use. The product range is comprised of medical textiles for ostomy care, as well as urology and post-operative breast care.​

The Sweat-Stop line of anti-perspirant products is available in both canada and the USA. Sweat-Stop offers a broad range of anti-perspirants containing aluminum chloride in various strengths to meet the needs of all patients suffering from excessive sweating. The products are available in sprays, roll-ons and lotions.  Check them out at