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My sister in Germany came to visit me last fall. She had sweat stop forte with her and of course I asked her what she is using it for. Well I have problems with sweating very bad and I used everything .Ban, Degree any many more. What ever came out I tried it. But nothing helped until my sister let me useher Sweat-Stop and from then on no more sweaty armpits and I can wear my favorite shirts again.Thanks a million and I told a lot of people in America about your wonderful product....

Customer, United States of America

Dear Sweat-Stop, thank you! I can truly say this product works!!! I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for many years, I was consider one of the worst cases that doctors have seen. In early 2000 I had the surgey done for my hands and armpit, the surgey was successful for stopping my hands & armpits from sweating. But it was terrible for the rest of my body, now instead of my hands & armpits, my entire body would sweat from right under my chest down to my ankles. The doctors couldn't stop the sweat, now my condition was even worse, I've tried every product and medication nothing would work, THE DOCTORS TOLD ME THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME . My life and my social life was terrible, I gave up hope of living a normal life without the embarrassment of my entire body sweating. Then one day I came across your product (thank you Jesus) and I am proud to say I have been sweat free for the last four months since I been using your product!!! the "Aloe vera forte plus " has been a miracle in a bottle for me. Now at 35 years old I go to work and DATES with confidence. Once again thank you so much. For my fellow people out there that suffer from HYPERHIDROSIS, this product is the REAL DEAL!!!!!

Customer, United States of America

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